Best Coworking Spaces In Italy

After Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon, you could very well expect the most important coworking happening of Europe, the Coworking Europe conference , to finally land in Italy, and particularly in Milan, with the partnership of the city council. So even if you want a quiet desk Monday to finalise the details of your plan, a large table Tuesday to coordinate with your team, a lunch table Wednesday to meet a new client, and a cozy coffee corner the rest of the week to vet potential candidates — Spaces has all the spaces you'll need, available on a full-time basis or 5 days or 10 days a month.
Impact Hub in Sicily was founded by a group of social innovators eager to create work and meeting places, to which people who believe in the project have been added over time: different professionals, with profiles ranging from international cooperation, to microfinance, to project management, to the organization of events.

For this reason, we offer to our Italian clients the best services and programs created by a team of people active at a local level while leveraging our experience in over 280 locations worldwide in order to provide services and spaces of the highest quality and the best standards”.
The first floor houses the Microsoft Technology Centre - an experiential centre designed to make it easier for companies, startups and merano professionals to share ideas and discuss innovation, with up to 10,000 professionals a year expected to make use of the facilities.

Barriers to entry; Private sector operators of coworking spaces in Northern Ireland have barriers to entry which rest of Europe does not have specifically business rates and excessive building regulations which add huge unnecessary costs to the establishment of coworking space in tired buildings.
Audrey Barbier-Litvak, WeWork Southern Europe General Manager, commented: Opening a co-working in Italy has been an obvious choice for us. Italy is one of Europe's leading economies as well as a very dynamic market for small, medium and large enterprises.

In coworking spaces across Italy, freelancers and remote teams have the opportunity to engage in professional development training, attend panels and lectures, take part in networking events, and much more. Why choose Spaces Milan Turati. To find a coworking space in Italy, browse through our interactive map below.
Cascina Cuccagna is also a coworking space with the added benefit of sitting among the courtyard, the agricultural market, the flower laboratory, and a restaurant with plenty of events. Blend Tower Milano is a part of the Copernico co-working space network.
Additionally, companies can earn further points if their overall business model can be shown to create positive social and environmental impact as well, qualifying the company for specific Impact Business Model points. The focus is on Milan, the core of the Italian knowledge-based, creative, digital, and sharing economy, and the city hosting the largest number of co-working spaces in Italy.

Passionate, dedicated and unstoppable, your Community Manager will help you get the most out of the Talent Garden experience, making sure you never miss a networking night, a community breakfast, a mentorship session or any other activity. In vital and busy Milan, there's a different kind of office space.
Either they thought this was such an incredibly niche thing that it wasn't even worth thinking about or they simply thought it was a terrible idea for Coworking Spaces to target tourists. Situated in northern Italy, the Milan metropolitan area is a large, historic city that is home to over 1.35 million residents.

The full monty - a virtual office package, that also gives you access to a private office at any Spaces location for five days a month. With close to 100 members, Milan Entrepreneurship Network is founded with a mission to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of Milan and create opportunities for people to find each other and collaborate.

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