Mold Manufacturing

Jabil's comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain and product management services leverage the power of over 200,000 people across 100 sites around the world, enabling innovation, growth and customer success in a broad range of industries. In fact, the Rexam plants presently utilizing Advanced MES already use a standardized Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) report, which was written by Epicor developers to determine OEE based on three metrics: machine availability, performance efficiency and the number of quality products produced.
IK4-CIDETEC, a Technology Centre belonging to the IK4 Research Alliance, specialises in generating and transferring knowledge and technology in the areas of materials (nanomaterials, Muotinvalmistus biomaterials and sensors), surfaces (ceramic and metallic coatings, surface processing) and energy (batteries, fuel cells and materials for energy systems).

AINA team has over 20 years of international experience for development and marketing of smart phones, Bluetooth extensions and speaker-microphones for professional use in fire and rescue operations, emergency services, security services and in transport, industry and defense sectors.
J.F. Lehman acquires Drew Marine Business unit from Ashland Jones Day advised J.F. Lehman & Company in its $120 million acquisition of the Drew Marine Business, a global leader in providing technical solutions, high-value products and services to the marine industry, of Ashland Inc., a Fortune 500 diversified chemical company.

We import plastic components to Finland, but we also use them in China for manufacturing of electronics products. Our expertise in the plastic industry is innovative design and a flexible schedule. We have more than 20 years of experience in injection molding, extrusions and die casting.
Low pressure molding is a faster and more efficient process than conventional potting. At Fibox, we consider molding technology an essential part of product development. We are involved in the manufacturing of vertical casting machine, Metal Casting Machines that is utilized in several heavy duty and small scale industries like non-ferrous metal industry and jewelery industry.

Sievi Group will continue in the 2000s already proven line by investing in products and production processes for continuous improvement. These two symbols concerning high quality and properties of footwear are a guarantee to Sievi's customers: they are sure to get high quality products strictly adhering to the order.
Leomuovi is a subcontractor specialized in injection molding and compression molding. The trade association is acknowledging that supplier companies have much to contribute to AMBA and recognizes that the issues and concerns facing the mold manufacturing industry encompass all of those who work in this industry, add AMBA officials.

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