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However the affirmation “I am perfect the way I am” can lead to problems. It’s common to use positive thinking as a way to spiritually bypass our own deeper issues. At the start of our spiritual journey of self-love, it’s all too easy to be ensnared by the external comparisons we make between ourselves and others who have perhaps advanced more on the spiritual path.
Looking into the mirror and reciting affirmations is likewise highly effective. Making eye contact with yourself and expressing love, appreciation, and respect may strike some as corny or over the top, but if that is your reaction, perhaps it’s time to give it a try. People who love themselves unconditionally can express self-love without making a joke out of it. As a Lifestyle Designer, it is my job to guide women on how to have healthier bodies and happier hearts. I am a certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Addiction Counsellor. Rachel Joy was created to help women unleash their true essence and create the life of their dreams.

Sometimes, the voice is just us being hard on ourselves. I do this through writing; I’m a huge fan of stream of consciousness writing, so I’ll pull out my notebook and write continuously until honesty flows out. It can take a while to peel off the layers of what’s on the surface, but if I keep writing and keep digging, I’ll reach the core of my true self. Through writing, I learn more about myself and better understand what I really feel and what I really need.
Beyond your ability to tend to yourself, you must remember that self-love is an intentional practice to learn and cultivate. Self-love provides you with the opportunity to see yourself completely, to recognize and value your strengths and weaknesses, triumphs and challenges. It is critical to acknowledge your imperfections and obstacles in order to nurture your personal growth. Meditation has been found to improve overall-mental health, especially in relieving stress and anxiety. By taking the time to allow our body to relieve itself from stress, we are at the same time practicing self-compassion.
As negative self-talk increases and loudens, the inner encourager may weaken and fade into the background. Over time, what may have been a seemingly innocuous analysis can carve out an unrealistic, impossible standard paired with a self-defeating mindset that suppresses the ability to love yourself. Regardless of your faith or beliefs, it may be worthwhile to consider the commonalities in various world religions. Oftentimes, the tasks encapsulated with being a moral person include benevolence, forgiveness, and personal growth, all of which align well with the practice of self-love. More specifically, the golden rule of treating others as you want to be treated is the essence of self-love. From this common adage, we often jump to the lesson to treat others kindly, but we should not forget the implication requires being kind to ourselves as well.

The key to mindfulness is observing your thoughts and emotions without any judgment. Try to understand why you feel the way you do without criticizing yourself for it. When you love yourself, you don’t have to burden yourself with past mistakes or spend time thinking about what you could have done differently.
Go ahead and get those smooth, luxurious bed sheets you’ve always wanted. You’ll notice the difference a great night’s sleep can make to the quality of your day. There’s no shame in women buying their own flower arrangements for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or whatever occasion.

As you continue in your journey, you may gain the tools needed to return to and tackle these obstacles. However, making this a habit and consistently veering around essential points in the process may inhibit your growth. In reference to the social domain, we need others just as they may need us. When our loved ones need our attention, care, and love, it is understandable to deter from our journey to help them. Our esteem needs encompass how we view ourselves and how others view us as well. While we may often rely on others to serve as a mirror for our esteem, it is important to remember that self-esteem is fostered internally.
Here I was 29 years old, suffering from health issues almost bedridden due to those exact breast implants. What I’m about to share next, changed the projection of my life, about happiness and gay. Today’s society idolizes and advertises perfection and somewhere along the way, we start to believe that if we are as close to being perfect that ultimately, we will be happy. Self-love means learning to peel back layers of dark emotional patterns which cause pain, to ones that create peace. Working to go back to our purest form from childhood before our emotional defenses were influenced by the world.

Research shows that our self-esteem rises the moment we stop being so hard on ourselves. Self-acceptance is all about embracing our positive and negative facets. This means that self-acceptance is unconditional. Recognizing and accepting your limitations or weaknesses should not interfere with your ability to accept yourself fully. We usually set standards that are too high for ourselves because the society expects us to be perfect.
It was also linked to less “need for cognitive closure,” which is psych-speak for the need to be right without question. People who invest their self-worth in feeling superior and infallible tend to get angry and defensive when their status is threatened. People who compassionately accept their imperfection, however, no longer need to engage in such unhealthy behaviors to protect their egos. The first thing to know is that self-compassion and self-esteem do tend to go together.
You have been able to transform your daily experience by applying care and uplifting sentiments to this part of you that is simply afraid. You have softened and are not holding yourself with such rigidity. Although you are nervous walking into the interview, you know that you will be able to show up for yourself afterward if things don’t go well. You know that ultimately getting the job or not has no relation to your value and worth as a person. At worst you will have to deal with some disappointment and try again. We are all needing to be this unconditionally loving presence for ourselves.

Treating your body like a loving vessel will boost not only your self-love but also your energy. Be intentional about what you put into your body, not because you want to look good but because you want to feel good. Feeding your body nutrient-rich foods will have you oozing love out of every pore. Self-love is a popular concept these days, and it looks a little different for everyone. If you're unsure about how to start showing yourself some love, here are some thought-starters for how to do it today and every day. Read about 'em, try 'em, and then make 'em your own.
Self care looks like, honouring your feelings, taking rests, reading a book, spending time with people you love, going to a yoga class and so much more. If this sounds unfamiliar to you or if you struggle with your self-esteem, know that it’s possible to build up a healthy sense of self-worth with time and practice. High levels of self-esteem go hand in hand with strong self-worth, and we all deserve to live our lives confidently.

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